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2014 ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Results

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2014 ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Results: custom report ($150 per report for NCEO members, $300 for nonmembers)


2014 ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Results: full database ($750 for NCEO members, $1,250 for nonmembers)
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ESOP companies face unique compensation issues, and there are virtually no sources of data that cater to them. This unique resource from the 2014 installment in our ongoing series of surveys includes data on how companies with ESOPs are compensating executives, and is customizable by region, industry, number of employees, revenue, pretax profits, S or C corporation status, or percentage owned by the ESOP. The survey was conducted from April to June 2014 and collected 374 total responses. If you have questions about the survey after reading the description below, contact Nancy Wiefek at nwiefek@nceo.org or 510-208-1312.

Get a Custom Report or Acquire the Entire Database for Your Own Analyses

The survey collected information on 7 executive levels:
  • CEO or president
  • CFO or top financial executive
  • COO
  • Top divisional vice president
  • Top human resources or personnel professional
  • Top sales or marketing executive
  • Top manufacturing, products, or services vice president

The data contains detailed information on executive compensation, including:
  • Base pay, cash incentive pay, stock-based incentive pay, and deferred compensation
  • What percentage of companies provide incentive pay to which executives
  • Vesting and equity granting policies
  • An array of demographic questions

You may purchase a report that customizes the data to focus on companies comparable to yours, or you may acquire the entire data set (subject to confidentiality provisions).

The Custom Report

If you order a custom report, we will contact you to discuss which criteria are most useful for your purposes.

The Full Database

The full database is provided as an Excel spreadsheet with an automated customization feature. The customization feature allows you to generate tables based on the same criteria available in the custom report. The company data contained in the in the full database is anonymous and subject to the terms of use listed below.

What Users Are Saying

"This report gives us information that we've needed but found very difficult and expensive to acquire in the past. This is a great service."
— Robert H. Carlson (CEO Emeritus and board member, Reell Precision Manufacturing)

"Not only did we get data on executive compensation in ESOP companies, we were also able to look at compensation levels for companies in our size range and industry type. I was impressed with the amount of data, the different executive positions it covered, and the quick turnaround--I would recommend this to any ESOP company."
— Cindy Turcot (Chief Operating Officer, Gardener's Supply Company)

Terms of Use

By purchasing access rights to the NCEO's 2014 ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Results, you are agreeing to following terms of use:
  • You will acknowledge the NCEO as the source of the information in all materials, speeches, presentations, or other forms of communication that draw on the data in the executive compensation database. The correct title is "2014 ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Results." The NCEO should be referred to as the National Center for Employee Ownership. When feasible, a link to our Web site (www.nceo.org) should be provided.
  • The NCEO made the following commitment to each participating company: "All of your answers to this questionnaire will be completely confidential. No specific information will be released to anyone outside the NCEO on a given company's practices." All identifying information (email address, individual names, IP addresses) has been removed from the database. You agree to respect the commitment that the NCEO has made, and specifically:
    • You will not attempt to identify in any public sphere any companies based on the answers to company background questions or any other data contained in the database.
    • You will only share analyses that aggregate data from multiple companies, rather than data from multiple questions for any individual company (i.e., you will not recreate a portion of the answers to the questionnaire for any one company).