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ESOP Company Board Member Training Package

Self-directed, self-paced training for any board member at any ESOP company
ESOP companies have increasingly created more formal roles for their boards, often bringing in outside members or adding managers or other employees to the board. Many ESOP company board members, however, are not fully aware of their duties as a board member in an ESOP environment, and some are not very familiar even with how ESOPs work.

The ESOP Board Member Training Package provides a practical, inexpensive way to address this issue. It consists of two elements: (1) our publication The ESOP Company Board Handbook and (2) a CD with two prerecorded Webinars (online seminars that have been converted into audiovisual presentations you can run from the CD). Each Webinar is about an hour and a half long.Add to Cart
$50.00 for NCEO members; $75.00 for nonmembers

A 20% quantity discount will be applied if you are a member (or join now) and order 10 or more of this. If you need to order more than one, change the quantity once you have added it to your shopping cart.

What the Materials Cover

The book includes chapters on fiduciary issues and practical solutions, reflections of ESOP board members, the role of the board in ESOP companies, D&O insurance, and ESOP basics. The Webinars are on "ESOP Basics" and "Running an Effective Board."

How to Use It

We encourage you to explore the wealth of information presented here in any order you wish. For example, if you have little background in ESOPs, you should start by reading the "ESOP Basics for Board Members" chapter and viewing the "ESOP Basics" Webinar. Or if you have some ESOP background and been wondering about fiduciary issues, you might start with the first chapter in the book. You may read every chapter and view each Webinar now, or you may use just some of it now and save some for later when you have more experience with ESOP-related issues. There is no quiz; this is an entirely self-directed self-study program.

Terms of Use

You should buy one copy of this training package for each member of your board; note that NCEO members will receive a quantity discount on orders of 10 or more. (To increase the quantity once you have added this to your shopping cart, type the quantity desired in the "Quantity" field next to the item name and click the "Update Quantities" button below.)