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Archived Publications

The specialized publications below have been removed from our main publication list and are not being updated; however, they are still available, although sometimes only in digital form. (Contact us at customerservice@nceo.org if you would like to order a custom printing of 50 or more of a title below that is listed only in digital form.)

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Best Hiring Practices at Employee-Owned Companies
Describes the importance of hiring and retaining suitable candidates in employee-owned companies and how this can be accomplished.
Dealing with the Downturn: Issues and Strategies for ESOP Companies
Issue brief with survey results plus articles on financing and employee communications.
Warrants in ESOP Transactions
Describes how warrants are used in leveraged ESOP transactions, plus key corporate finance and federal tax considerations.

Equity Compensation Plans

Communicating Stock Options
Essays on and examples of how to communicate a company's employee stock option plan to employees.
Equity Compensation in a Down Market: Repricing, Accounting, ESPP, and Employee Communications Issues
Examines issues that arise in dealing with equity compensation plans in a down market.
New Developments in Equity Compensation Reporting
Discusses the new cost basis reporting rules, Section 6039 reporting rules, and executive compensation disclosure rules.
The Stock Administration Book
Provides a practical guide to administering equity compensation plans such as stock options.