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  2. Discounts on all our many publications and seminars (including our annual conference) that are effective as soon as you join, often adding up to a significant part or all the membership fee;
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For details, see our membership brochure (PDF) and our page on page on membership benefits and fees. Your membership runs for 12 months from the day you join.

In a field as large and complex as this, the education and support you will receive from your NCEO membership—from our newsletter, books, meetings, assistance from NCEO staff, discussion forum, and more—will be vital. Our resources can and will help you at any point, whether you are deciding whether to install a plan in the first place or addressing a situation with an established plan. Corey Rosen, our cofounder and senior staff member, has written an essay that explains this: Why You Should Join the NCEO.

Who Should Join

Anyone who deals with employee stock plans and participation at any stage of the process should join the NCEO:

How to Join

Joining the NCEO does not require you to submit detailed information about your company or obligate you to do anything except pay for membership—it's no more involved than subscribing to a magazine. Unlike some other organizations, we will not automatically renew your membership—your credit card will never be charged for anything you do not specifically order. Instead, when your membership is due to expire, we will send you a renewal notice, giving you the opportunity to renew if you so choose. NCEO membership fees are tax-deductible.

To join, simply click the button for the appropriate membership category below to add it to your shopping cart, and then check out. If you add anything else to your cart before checking out, you will receive the members-only discounts because you are joining.  

Introductory Membership

Cost: $90.00 in the U.S.; $100.00 outside the U.S.

Add to CartThis is our standard membership. If you are a company, it this membership type covers all employees at the company. Renewals will be at a higher rate, based on a sliding scale. if you are a consultant or other service provider in the employee stock plan field (attorney, plan administrator, etc.), this level of membership applies to you individually. No one else at your firm will have any member benefits. If you work for a nonprofit or government or if you are an unaffiliated individual, please select this membership type.

Service Provider Directory Membership

Cost: $350.00 in the U.S.; $360.00 outside the U.S.

Add to CartIn addition to all the benefits of an Introductory Membership, a Service Provider Directory membership provides a listing for employee ownership service providers (lawyers, appraisers, plan administrators, etc.) in the Service Provider Directory, a searchable, mappable database that is a prominent feature of our site. While we do not recommend any individual firms, we do direct all inquiries for providers to the Service Provider Directory. Additionally, unlike a regular membership for a service provider, a Service Provider Directory membership extends to other people at your location (but not to different offices). Finally, Service Provider Directory members receive preference for all NCEO speaking and meeting sponsorship opportunities. After you join, you will be sent a URL where you will enter your information for the Service Provider Directory. The NCEO reviews all applications for Service Provider Directory membership and reserves the right to refuse such membership.

Academic Membership

Cost: $40.00 in the U.S.; $50.00 outside the U.S.

Add to CartAcademic membership is solely for full-time students or teachers who are not employed in the business sector and do not have a personal business interest in the subject. If you select this membership level, we may check to ensure that you are not a businessperson and/or request that you provide identification.