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The David Ackerman Remembrance Fund

This fund is in honor of David Ackerman, who passed away on March 12, 2016, after a long career creating and improving employee ownership.


The funds raised in Dave's honor will serve to increase the amount of employee ownership in the United States.

The fund would allow a multi-part project that would take place over several years. The first phase will be direct research on the perceptions and attitudes of business owners toward employee ownership and its alternatives. This information is difficult to obtain and despite advances in technology, the most reliable way to gather information that does not yet exist is by telephone interviews. The starting point would be a pilot project with a compelling subset of companies, likely a single state. After integrating the lessons of the pilot test, the research would expand to include a broader set of companies, possibly an industry sector or a geographic target.

The second phase will use the results of the first stage to develop and test approaches to ESOP outreach. This phase will involve a back-and-forth process of testing and focused research, with the end goal of creating more effective and data-driven approaches to increasing the extent of employee ownership in the United States.


The funds will be held by the NCEO, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Rather than an endowment, the funds will be managed to last for a specific time, likely three to seven years depending on the specific design of the project and the amount raised.

Contributions may be made by sending a check to the NCEO designated in a cover letter for the David Ackerman Remembrance Fund. For more information, contact Timothy Garbinsky at or 510-208-1310.

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