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Employee Ownership and Economic Well-being: Media Packet

The new groundbreaking research by our research director Nancy Wiefek makes a strong and socially relevant case for employee ownership as a news story. The only thing missing is a local angle: combined with a human story from your company, this story should be hard to resist for reporters.

This page is designed to make it as easy for NCEO members to pitch a story to their hometown media, to their trade journals, or to other outlets they may have contact with.

Click here to download a PDF of this page along with a sample press release.

Click here to download just the sample press release in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download a one-page summary of the research.


It does not take much work to try to place an article the media, and we've tried to do some of the work for you.

Press release

You can download a sample press release in Microsoft Word format from this page. Use the press release if you like, or feel free to write your own story. The purpose of the press release is to provide enough information to interest reporters and to make it easy for them to take next steps to learn more.


You can visit the research project's website:
The full report is available here.
The NCEO's press center is here:

Add in your story

The press release has spots where you can add some background on your company and also a place for you to tell the stories of people who work at your company. The ideal stories will illustrate the themes in the research: more income, wealth, and job stability for younger workers from all different demographic groups.
You can tie the story directly back to the data in the full report: look through the detailed tables on pages 11 to 17 to see various measures of economic well-being broken down by demographic group.

Contact media

Once you've written a press release, contact media outlets to determine who the most appropriate journalist is. You might send it by email and follow up with a phone call. Many people avoid opening attachments, so include the text of the press release in the body of your email. You could consider contacting your local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. If you have trade association publications, they may be interested as well. Trade associations have an interest in helping member companies manage ownership transitions, so that may be the best approach for them.

Let us help

We are happy to help adapt the content, to co-author articles with you, and to review and comment on your drafts. We can help find supporting information, data on ESOPs in general, or other companies you might want to partner with. Contact us at