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New Research on S Corporation ESOPs and Retirement Security

December 3, 2018
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In the face of what many are calling a retirement crisis, findings from a recent survey of S corporation ESOPs conducted by the NCEO with support from the Employee-Owned S Corporations of America (ESCA) shows the potential role ESOPs can play in addressing this crisis.

This NCEO study breaks new ground by collecting data on retirement account balances by wage and age categories that can be compared to the same categories in national data.

The survey was conducted online between January and March 2018 among members of ESCA. It resulted in data for 61,020 plan participants including 20,000 lower-wage workers and 8,000 employees nearing retirement, provided by 39 S corporation ESOP companies. Most of the companies in the survey are 100 percent owned by their employees through an ESOP.

Selected findings

These findings are consistent with other recent NCEO research showing the remarkable benefits that employee ownership can have for workers' financial security. Find more about that study at

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Download the report here.

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