Pittsburgh , PA :: April 9–11, 2019 (preconference on April 8)

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Setting Goals, Creating Engagement: Lessons from High Performing ESOP Companies
(Concurrent Sessions 9)

CC Thursday, April 11 :: 9:30–10:45
We will illustrate how applying a focused habit of goal setting, committing to intentional investments in your employees' business and financial literacy combined with instilling a unique mindset promoting accountability and a tolerance of failure will lead to a highly engaged organization.


Shawn Burcham

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Shawn and his wife, Julie, founded Pro Food Systems in 1998 and have grown it organically with the help of many fantastic people. In January of 2017, they sold 100% of their company to their employees. Shawn still serves as CEO of the company, and he is excited to see all of his fellow employee-owners continue to grow the company. Shawn also invests in other private companies when he sees an opportunity to use his knowledge to help others become more successful.

Patrick Carpenter

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GRITT Business Consulting

Patrick's 30-year career includes senior management positions with two Global Fortune 100 companies. Patrick co-owned a medical business that he helped grow from $1 million in revenue to over $12 million in revenue in four years. As a senior leader, he has served both large companies and small. He has worked with companies such as McKesson, SRC, Novartis, and New Belgium. He has been a successful business coach for the past 10 years, helping companies see the benefits of open-book management and employee engagement best practices.
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