Creating ESOP Champions Throughout Your Company

As trainers and educators, we at the OEOC spend a fair amount of time working with companies as we all try to unlock the secrets of building the ideal ownership culture.

EY Study Shows ESOP Participants Fare Much Better

A new study, “Contribution of S ESOPs to Participants’ Retirement Security and Employee-Owner Benefits,” prepared for the Employee-Owned S Corporations of America (

Maine Law Encourages Employee Ownership in Renewable Energy Sector

A new law in Maine, LD 1969, directs the Maine Public Utilities Commission to require that any renewable energy project in the state receiving $50,000 or more in state funding to meet certain labor standards, including paying prevailing wages.

House Committee Passes Bill to Fund State EO Outreach Programs

By a 29-21 party-line vote, the House Education and Labor Committee has passed H.R. 7310, the Protecting America’s Retirement Security Act. The bill now will go to the full House. There is no current Senate companion bill. The bill contains a handful of provisions, most notably requirements for fee disclosure in retirement plans, the creation of a federal personal finance education portal, increased requirements for spousal consent requirements in defined contribution plans, and making automatic deferrals to a 401(k) plan continue by default unless an affirmative action to end them is made.