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The Employee Ownership Update

Loren Rodgers

April 16, 2012

(Loren Rodgers)

New Employee Ownership Fellowships at Rutgers

Rutgers University announced the 2012-2013 Employee Ownership Fellows. The new awards bring the total number of research fellows up to 72. The program is managed by Dr. Joseph Blasi, who holds the J. Robert Beyster professorship. More information about the individuals and their research topics is available at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations Web site.

Two Films on Employee Ownership

The Foundation for Enterprise Development's film We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream will be shown in trailer form at the 2012 NCEO/Beyster Employee Ownership Conference. The film focuses on stories of employees and founders from three companies with distinct forms of broad-based employee ownership, including their approaches and their challenges. The film's Web site is under development. A trailer for another film, focusing on the impact of the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation on worker cooperatives in the United States, is also under development. A preview of that film, Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work, is available at

Register for the CEP Exam

The Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) at the University of Santa Clara offers the only certification for people involved in running equity compensation plans. The deadline for the June 9 exam is April 27. The NCEO supports the exam by publishing most of the books on which the exam is based, offering a course to help students studying for the exam, and providing Webinars that offer continuing credit for CEPs. The exam is a three-level, self study, distance learning program in the technical regulatory issues affecting equity compensation. As a member of the CEPI's board of advisors, the NCEO can offer its members new registrations at a $200 discount on the exam, which normally costs $1,295 for US registrations and $1,495 for non-US. To take advantage of this discount offer, contact the CEPI at 408-554-2187 or


On March 1, John Jumper, the former chief of staff of the Air Force, became the CEO of one of the best-known companies in employee ownership, SAIC. The company, which pioneered the use of an internal market, became publicly traded in 2006 and has since reduced the ownership percentage and voting power of its employee shareholders. According to a profile in the Washington Post, Jumper has read Robert Beyster's book on the development of the company and its employee ownership. He says he is committed to its founding principles and its spirit, though he feels that its units cannot operate "with all of the freedom that Dr. Beyster was able to give in a different world."

Ohio Employee Ownership Conference

The Ohio Employee Ownership Center conference is in just a few days. Taking place in Akron this Friday, April 20, the conference features breakouts sessions on a range of topics and a keynote presentation by Joseph Blasi of Rutgers University. Learn more online.

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