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The Employee Ownership Update

Loren Rodgers

November 1, 2012

(Loren Rodgers)

UK Government Endorses Action to Increase Employee Ownership

The United Kingdom's new Minister for Employment Relations, Jo Swinson, released a blueprint on Tuesday to encourage employee ownership of companies, saying "We will address one of the biggest barriers to take-up of employee ownership schemes: awareness that it exists" and described the goal as creating "new impetus to a business model we want to see thriving across the country." The action plan includes creating an implementation group, working with accountancy organizations to create "off-the-shelf" templates for creating employee ownership companies, and examining ways to reduce regulatory burdens facing employee ownership companies when they are faced with repurchase obligations. These action steps flow out of a government-commissioned report written by Graeme Nuttall.

Facebook Unlocks Employee Shares

Amid media speculation about the impact of a flood of employees selling shares, Facebook shares were on a gradual decline in the days leading up to October 29, the day employee shares were to be released from lock-up. The release was delayed when the stock exchanges were closed, so on Wednesday 234 million shares became eligible to be sold, and the stock opened at $21, a 4% decline from its prior closing price. Trading volume was roughly 50% higher than usual. The price held roughly steady Wednesday and Thursday, but still far below the company's IPO price of $38. Facebook has three more rounds of lockups, which expire in mid-November, mid-December, and May 2013.

Run for the NCEO's Board of Directors

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