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The Employee Ownership Update

Loren Rodgers

September 3, 2013

(Loren Rodgers)

Announcing the 2013 Employee Ownership 100

The NCEO has released the 2013 Employee Ownership 100 list, naming the nation's largest companies that are at least 50% owned by an ESOP or other broad-based employee ownership plan.

Once again, the largest company is Publix Super Markets, with 159,000 employees. The companies on the list employ 673,000 people worldwide, down slightly from the 687,000 employed by the companies on last year's list. Companies that were on this list in both 2012 and 2013 saw their employment rise nearly 2%. The smallest company on the list, Mayville Engineering Co., employs 1,100. In 2001, the smallest company on the list had 675 employees.

Many of the companies are 100% employee-owned, and the most common structure is an ESOP or ESOP-like plan, although some companies are employee-owned via profit sharing plans, stock purchase plans, multiple plans, or, in the case #62 on the list, Cooperative Home Care Associates is a worker cooperative.

Five of the top ten are supermarkets, but the list as a whole is a diverse cross-section of the economy, such as CH2M Hill (#3, engineering and construction), Lifetouch (#5, photography), W.L. Gore & Associates (#13, manufacturing and research), Acadian Ambulance (#29), Chemonics (#35, international development), Kinney Drugs (#52, drug stores), and Round Table Pizza (#70).

A number of the companies on the list have issued press releases to create stories in the media, including Jasper Engines and Transmissions and MWH Global.

New Sites Offer New Way to Raise Equity

Upstart and Pave, two new crowdfuding sites, are offering a new way for companies to raise equity. Instead of seeking investors to get a conventional share stake, the sites provide that investors will get a stated percentage of profits each month for some number of years.

Executive Compensation in ESOP Companies: Survey Closes September 5

Over 400 companies have responded to the NCEO's biannual survey on executive compensation practices in ESOP companies. The deadline to complete the survey is September 5 at 5 pm (Pacific). If your company has not yet filled it out, you can complete the online survey or view the preview version (PDF). Participating companies receive a summary of the results, which includes data on base pay, total compensation, forms of compensation, company ownership, basic plan provisions, and benefits for the top six corporate officers.

Ownership Thinking Conference

The seventh annual Ownership Thinking Conference will be held October 17 and 18 in Englewood, CO. The NCEO sponsors this conference, which helps companies create systems that engage employees by driving accountability and purpose in their work. Founder Brad Hams wrote the book Ownership Thinking. Learn more by contacting Ownership Thinking ( or 303-984-1434), and mention that you are an NCEO member.

NCEO Seeks Web Designer for International Employee Ownership Web Site

Does your company have Web design expertise? Might you be interested donating some time to promote employee ownership around the world? From Australia and South Africa to the United Kingdom and the European Union, employee ownership is emerging as a rediscovered tool of national policy. If you would like to learn more about the NCEO's project to build an international association of employee ownership organizations, please contact Loren Rodgers (510-208-1307,

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