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How to Ensure Email from the NCEO Is Delivered

If you subscribe to the PDF version of our issue briefs, the initial download link may be sent through our Web site, but on an ongoing basis, notifications for downloads, as well as most renewal notices, are sent through our email marketing provider, Constant Contact. We also use Constant Contact to send our email bulletin and other notices. Constant Contact is not an open email relay and has strict anti-spam policies in place.

Certain NCEO members and other customers do not receive these messages because they are blocking or filtering out our emails in one way or another. This page provides advice on unblocking them. You may be able to adjust your email filters simply by checking for a given "From" address, etc. However, you or your IT department or consultant may need the technical information below to ensure you receive our emails.

Constant Contact Emails

Constant Contact (the service through which we send notices such as issue brief downloads and our email bulletin) has a detailed help page (link opens in new window) that addresses the topic of blocked emails. To summarize:

For a complete list of IP addresses used, see the Constant Contact's detailed help page mentioned above.

If an email filter is blocking all Constant Contact emails, you can receive our emails by unblocking Constant Contact emails. However, in some cases you or your IT department may wish to selectively unblock it only for NCEO emails or even for just certain NCEO emails. The information below will help you accomplish that.

Constant Contact also has articles on how to whitelist Constant Contact in your security program and how to add addresses to a safe sender list.

Subject Lines and "From" Addresses for Specific NCEO Emails

For issue brief subscribers, the regular monthly download notices and emailed renewal notices use the "From" address and have subject lines such as "Download the NCEO Issue Brief" followed by the name of the brief. Example: Download the NCEO Issue Brief "Selling a Company Directly to Employees"

Our email bulletin uses the "From" address and has a subject line of "NCEO Email Bulletin for" followed by the time of month, month, and year, like "early August 2011." Example: NCEO Email Bulletin for early August 2011

Other emails that we send through Constant Contact will have other addresses and subject lines, depending on the sender and the subject. However, the "From" address should always be in the domain "".