Albuquerque, NM :: October 3–4, 2018 (preconference on October 2)

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The Value of Outside Board Members: Real Life!
(Concurrent Sessions 3)

Wednesday, October 3 :: 11:25–12:10
This session will have two CEO's share their stories of outside board members - recruitment, lessons learned, CEO succession issues, company sustainability, and more. These stories will be based on over five years of living the ESOP/board change/CEO dynamics. You do not want to miss this session!


Victor N. Aspengren

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Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Victor is a director at Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc. He has been heavily involved in ownership transition for over a decade. He provides business owner clients the expertise needed for their ownership transition planning and implementation needs. As a former CEO and HR manager at ESOP-owned companies, he has lived the ownership transition experience. He is a past chair of the board of directors of the NCEO.
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