Tampa, FL :: October 3–4, 2017 (preconference on October 2)

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Getting the Right Feedback Through Employee Surveys
(Concurrent Sessions 6)

Tuesday, October 3 :: 3:40–4:25
Surveys are a great idea—but only if you know how to create one, use the results, and follow up.


Dallan Guzinski

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National Center for Employee Ownership

Dallan is the director of workplace development at the NCEO. He works closely with employee-owned companies to more effectively engage employees on how to improve their businesses and assess the quality of their cultures. He helps companies develop and administer employee surveys to assess the strengths and weakness of each company's culture or create more effective improvement strategies so that they may continue taking full advantage of employee ownership. He is also an active contributor to NCEO meetings, publications, and webinars.
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