Hotel Albuquerque, NM :: October 3–4, 2018 (preconference on October 2)

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High Involvement Strategic Planning in an ESOP Company
(Concurrent Sessions 1)

Wednesday, October 3 :: 9:30–10:15
How can ESOP companies use their ownership culture to improve the planning process, and how does being an ESOP change what strategies make sense?


Steve Baker

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The Great Game of Business

Steve Baker is the Vice President of The Great Game of Business, Inc., a division of SRC Holdings Corporation. Known for his high-energy and engaging message, Steve has become a top-rated and sought after speaker, author and coach on topics of Open-Book Management, Strategy & Execution, Leadership and Employee Engagement. Steve co-authored the update of the #1 bestseller, The Great Game of Business - 20th Anniversary Edition. Steve is a career marketing and branding professional and is an award-winning designer.
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