Hotel Albuquerque, NM :: October 3–4, 2018 (preconference on October 2)

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Communicating Valuation: Tools, Tips, and Examples
(Concurrent Sessions 11)

Thursday, October 4 :: 2:25–3:10
ESOP companies should use the valuation as an opportunity to show how ownership works and what it means. This session will help you learn how to do that well.


David A. Harris

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Southard Financial

Dave is a managing member of Southard Financial where he has been a principal for 28 years. He and his firm appraise a wide variety of business entities across a diverse range of industries, including ESOP companies and community banks. Besides managing his firm's business, Dave performs appraisals for ESOP transactions and annual administration, gift/estate tax matters, mergers/acquisitions, corporate/shareholder planning, business litigation, corporate restructuring, pass-through entity transactions, etc. He also issues fairness opinions and adequate consideration opinions for ESOP transactions.
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