Hotel Albuquerque, NM :: October 3–4, 2018 (preconference on October 2)

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Board Governance: Best Practices for Independent Board Members
(Concurrent Sessions 11)

Thursday, October 4 :: 2:25–3:10
How should you select and use outside board members?


David P. Burdette

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Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

David provides valuation and strategic advisory services to business owners. David specializes in ESOPs, gift and estate planning, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions. He is a member of the NCEO, on The ESOP Association's Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee on Fiduciary Issues and is highly active in his local chapter as The ESOP Association's New South ESOP Chapter vice-president and a member of the New South ESOP Chapter executive committee.
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