About the Community Conversations

Community ConversationsCommunity Conversations are free and open to our community and the general public and focus on timely employee ownership topics. These talks bring experts to the fore, connecting the employee ownership world more broadly while keeping our members, stakeholders, and other interested parties informed on important issues.

On March 30, 2022, the NCEO hosted an expert-packed conversation about the Board's Duty to Monitor the Trustee.

How active should a board be and what should it do to make sure it meets its fiduciary duties–but does not overstep them?


Corey RosenCorey Rosen, National Center for Employee Ownership

Corey is the founder of the NCEO. He co-authored, along with John Case and Martin Staubus, Equity: Why Employee Ownership Is Good for Business (Harvard Business School Press, May 2005). Over the years, he has written, edited, or contributed to dozens of books, articles, and research papers on employee ownership. He has been called the leading expert on employee ownership in the world. He has been interviewed widely by major media and spoken around the world.


Howard KaplanHoward Kaplan, Kaplan Fiduciary Group

Howard has over thirty years of management and client advisory experience in the fiduciary trust and financial services industries, encompassing more than twenty-five years representing large regional trust companies and another six years with prominent investment services firms - having spent the last fifteen years specializing in employer securities and ESOP fiduciary services. 


Natasha S. FedderNatasha S. Fedder, Scale LLP

Natasha is a dedicated advocate with over a decade of civil litigation experience. She focuses her practice on Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) litigation and U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) investigations involving employee stock ownership plans (“ESOPs”), 401(k) plans, and health benefit plans. She has litigated cases against DOL and private plaintiffs in federal and state courts across the country. There, she has prevailed on dispositive and discovery motions, taken and defended depositions, and negotiated settlements. At the administrative level, Natasha has guided clients through DOL investigations run out of numerous regional offices. She has narrowed DOL subpoenas and document requests, responded to voluntary compliance letters, negotiated voluntary resolutions, and obtained closing letters.  

Steve RyanSteve Ryan, Greatbanc Trust Company

Steve joined Greatbanc, an institution ESOP Trustee, as a Senior Vice President to manage existing & develop new trust relationships. He has acted as a trusted advisor to many privately held companies to assist them in growth initiatives, liquidity events, and business transitions.  He has over 30 years of new business and banking experience with clients throughout the country.   Steve has led commercial banking teams that interact with business owners and executives of private and public companies.  Prior to Greatbanc, Steve was a Director at Prairie Capital Advisors and Managing Director MM Commercial Lending at Northern Trust.  



Tim GarbinskyTim Garbinsky, National Center for Employee Ownership

As the communications director for the NCEO, Timothy Garbinsky works with volunteers, allied organizations, and the press to creatively and effectively disseminate information about employee ownership and advance the NCEO's mission. He earned his BA from Duke University in 2009 and has since worked as a content creator and an educator, skills which he transfers to the NCEO.