Community ConversationsEmployee engagement has long been the measure of how well a company is doing to create a thriving organizational culture, but recent polling has suggested that employee engagement alone does not paint the full picture. In fact, recent Gallup polling suggests that even the most engaged employees can often experience burnout, high stress, or thoughts about leaving their current jobs. For this reason, employee well-being is an equally important measure for the success and health of a company’s culture. This session will focus on the importance and intersection of employee engagement and well-being in the workplace and why addressing both will be critical to company success in years to come.

Join us for this FREE Community Conversation with Dallan Guzinski of the NCEO & Amanda DeVito of Butler/Till for a conversation on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 10 AM Pacific/ 1 PM Eastern to discuss burnout in employee-owned companies. This webinar is free and open to the public.





Additional Resources

  1. Presentation Slides
  2. Burnout at Work and What to Do About It
  3. What’s With All the Burnout? The Costs and Cures of Work (and Work-from-Home) Fatigue


  • Amanda DeVito, Chief Marketing Officer at Butler/Till
  • Dallan Guzinski, Director of Culture and Engagement at the NCEO

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