Updated April 3rd at 3:15pm PST

In the wake of various shutdown and quarantine measures in effect around the nation, we've been fielding many questions on what this means for ESOP specific issues. To better respond to these issues, we presented three free webinars the week of March 30th with experts from the community. The recordings, slides, and additional resources for those are available at the links below.

Again, these webinars are free for anybody to view.

Meanwhile, see our COVID-19 Q&A for immediate answers to your questions.

Plan operations: valuation, distributions, administration

Wednesday, April 1st at 12:30pm EST/ 9:30am PST

Presented by Barbara Clough (Newport), Kevin Long (Employee Benefits Law Group), and Steve Nelson (Chartwell)

Recording, slides, and additional resources

Companies must manage plan distributions, but stock valued as of December 31, 2019, will not reflect the economic disruption caused by COVID-19. We will cover the interrelated issues of ESOP valuation standards, delayed distributions, equity compensation, and partial plan terminations, with a focus on plan amendments, interim valuations, and other steps companies can consider.

Economic conditions: legislative and market impacts on your business

Thursday, April 2nd at 2:30pm EST/ 11:30am PST

Presented by Mary Josephs (Verit Advisors), David Solomon (Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC), and NCEO executive director Loren Rodgers

Recording, slides, and additional resources

We will brief companies on the impact of the pandemic on various aspects of the business environment, from the lending environment and how businesses are responding, to the implications of quickly evolving legislation on tax relief, mandatory sick time, and loan programs.

Management: How to communicate and maintain culture in a crisis

Friday, April 3rd at 2:30pm EST/ 11:30am PST

Presented by the NCEO founder Corey Rosen and NCEO director of workplace development Dallan Guzinski, with guest speakers from GRITT Business Coaching

Recording, slides, and additional resources

As the economy continues to change, we will provide tips and best practices for communicating to employees in uncertain times, including how to manage and encourage employees in work from home scenarios.