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ESOP Fundamentals Course

Live Demo Available

This is a self-paced course with both online and offline components. It does not grade or certify students but rather provides a multifaceted learning environment. The course consists of three elements:
  1. An interactive online learning tool in the form of a series of quizzes that are not graded but rather ask the student to answer a question and then explain in detail what the correct answer is and why (included in the basic course fee).
  2. Prerecorded online Webinars (lectures accompanied by a series of slides, played back through the student's Web browser) by leading experts in the field (included in the basic course fee).
  3. Printed reading material in the form of the NCEO publications An Introduction to ESOPs and An Ownership Tale (sold separately).
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$200.00 for NCEO members; $300.00 for nonmembers

This is not a per-student fee but instead covers every employee at your company.

Try a Live Demo of the Course

To see how the course works and what it looks like, go to the student login page (link opens in new window) and log in using the username demo and the password user (these are case-sensitive). The main course page will tell you what features will and will not work in the demo version. (There is no demo of the control panel.)

What You Get When You Buy the Course

When you buy this course, we email you a login to your course control panel, in which you will create a login for each student using the course. The control panel lets you print and/or email instructions to each of your students. Your access to the control panel, and your students' access to the course, will last for as long as the course exists in this form. The course will be updated for changes in the law.

The control panel also provides you with a log of each student's use of the course, including every login, every quiz they have completed, and every Webinar they have clicked to view. (Since the quizzes are not graded, there are no grades to record.) Finally, the control panel explains how the course works and provides suggestions for using it. A suggested curriculum is provided; click here to read it (opens in new window).

The publications are not included in the course fee; rather, you will buy as many copies as students need. (They are inexpensive.) If you already have some copies of these books, make sure they are the current editions.

Who Should Take This Program

ESOP Fundamentals is intended for the following audiences:
  1. ESOP companies who want to educate ESOP participants, especially ESOP committee members.
  2. Service providers (such as administration firms) who want to provide a basic ESOP primer to their staff.

Terms of Use

The course fee covers unlimited use for the life of the course. In other words: