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Minimizing Cynicism

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This replay was recorded on November 10, 2009.

About This Meeting

How do you react to cynicism in order to keep it from spreading? Can you pre-empt it? Should you try to change the minds of the cynics or focus on the "persuadables"? This session uses mini case studies and data from employee surveys to explore the factors that make cynicism contagious, concrete ways companies have promoted ESOP enthusiasm, and suggestions for managing ownership expectations. Topics include "segmenting" your ESOP message for different groups in the work force, the "fishbowl" board meeting, tips for getting middle managers on board, defining what ownership means (and what it doesn't), how to handle mistakes, and Reflexite's business contingency plan.


Understanding Cynics: Research Highlights & Mini Case Studies
Loren Rodgers, National Center for Employee Ownership
Case Studies
Eriks Brolis, Namaste Solar Electric
More Resources, Q&A, Wrap Up
Loren Rodgers, National Center for Employee Ownership