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Critical Equity Reporting Practices Every Private Company Should Know

From Our Equity Compensation Webinar Series

Each one-hour Webinar features an experienced authority in the field and discusses a requested topic.

This replay was recorded on December 19, 2012.

About This Meeting

No matter where your privately-held company is within its equity life-cycle, having solid and scalable procedures for stock administration and equity reporting in place is critical to your success. Why? Because as your company grows beyond a small equity plan with a handful of employees, the complexity and sheer quantity of the data you must collect, track, and report on becomes more difficult, as does the level of scrutiny from your board, your auditors, your legal team, and your shareholders.

This panel will focus on the proper administration processes that every privately-held company should have in place, including industry best practices on organization techniques, appropriate documentation, and advice for preparing for your year-end audit.

Learning objectives for this Webinar are:
  • Best practices for collecting, organizing, reporting on, and sharing your critical stock administration information
  • How to prepare your company for ISO exercises and filing Form 3921
  • The proper reporting every stock administrator needs to prepare for their year-end audit
  • Real-world stock administration tips that you can put in place right away to help improve your equity reporting
  • How employee education and information distribution can positively impact your company's productivity
  • This Webinar has already taken place. It is available as a free replay in the members-only area of this site.


    Jeremy S. Wright

    presenter photologo


    Jeremy leads Solium's private market division as a senior vice president. His team focuses on service delivery for private companies at each stage of their life-cycle from early stage through late stage and pre-IPO. As the market leader for equity administration solutions for private companies, Jeremy's team is responsible for ensuring clients get a proper experience using Shareworks. Jeremy has worked with private companies and the organizations that support them for 14 years to create equity administration software tailored to their needs. Jeremy has presented at events including Aspirations, the NCEO Annual Conference and the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council on topics relating to equity administration, ASC 718 and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

    Amy Yamashiro

    presenter photo
    Amy Yamashiro began working in stock plan administration in 1997, and was excited to be a key member of a highly successful IPO team in early 2000. She has been honored to have been chosen to speak at NCEO and NASPP national conferences and chapter meetings, as well as a variety of workshops and seminars. Amy currently provides independent consulting services in stock plan administration. A member of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, the National Center for Employee Ownership, and the CEP Institute Society, Amy received her BA from Wellesley College and is a Certified Equity Professional in good standing.

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