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Integrating Culture and Technical Issues in Addressing the "Have and Have Not" Challenge

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This replay was recorded on November 15, 2012.

About This Meeting

Many ESOP companies encounter the "Have and Have Not" challenge in the life-cycle of their ESOP, where the company has limited shares to allocate to employee accounts. As a result, some employees or former employees own large concentrations of company stock and newer employees do not own any. How do you create a culture of ownership when many employees do not own significant company shares?

This webinar will examine the cultural implications of common technical solutions (e.g. issuing new shares, rebalancing, doing nothing) and preventive measures (e.g. longer ESOP loan term). This webinar will include several real examples from other companies and answer questions such as: How do you decide what's best for your company from a cultural perspective? How do you communicate your decisions? What are common employee responses? How does that affect the long-term culture of the company?


Erin Lambert

Nobis Engineering

Erin Lambert, P.E., Erin Lambert is a project manager at Nobis Engineering. She has 15 years of experience managing site development and permitting for commercial, institutional, state and municipal projects. She is the leader of Nobis' Sustainability Practice Group and is a LEEDŽ Accredited Professional. In addition, she serves as an ESOP trustee.

Linshuang Lu

presenter photologo

Praxis Consulting Group

Linshuang (pronounced "Lin-shang") Lu, MSOD, is an organization development consultant and principal at Praxis Consulting Group. She advises employee-owned companies and nonprofits with culture change, strategic planning, and team and leadership development. She is a frequent national speaker and writer on topics relating to ownership culture and leadership. She has served on the board of the NCEO and the ESOP Association.

Charles Morn

presenter photo

The North Highland Consulting

Chuck is a co-founder and principal consultant with North Highland, an ESOP-owned international management consulting firm.  In addition, Chuck is a member of the board of directors of Thompson Engineering, also and ESOP-Owned company.  Chuck serves as chairman of North Highland's ESOP committee, and has authored several articles on various ESOP topics including business valuation and synthetic equity.

Janet Riel

Nobis Engineering

Janet Riel is the Controller and an Associate at Nobis Engineering, which provides engineering and remediation services to Federal, State/Municipal and Commercial clients throughout the northeast. Nobis is an employee-owned company, currently the ESOP is a minority shareholder.  Janet serves as an ESOP trustee.