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What ESOP Participants Should Know About the Law, Regulations, and the Courts

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This replay was recorded on July 23, 2013.

About This Meeting

What do I get, when do I get it, and what can I do with it when I do? Who runs the plan and the company and what rights do I have? What happens if someone wants to buy us? If we close? Just how do we know what the stock is really worth, and can we trust that number?

You will learn:


What ESOP Participants Should Know About Law, Regulation, and the Courts
Wendy Lankes,R.K. Schaaf Associates, Inc. and Sheryl C. Bayani-Alzona , Brucker & Morra, APC


Sheryl C. Bayani-Alzona

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Employee Benefits Law Group

Sheryl guides companies, shareholders, internal and independent trustees on all aspects of ESOP transactions and compliance. She brings to her law practice 11 years of experience as a consultant and administrator of ESOPs. Sheryl has worked on all phases of an ESOP. From initial transaction, continued compliance and through plan termination, she has guided clients through them all. Sheryl helps clients when they are considering a liquidity event, a business succession plan or to share equity with their employees.

Wendy Lankes

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SES Advisors, Inc.

Wendy is new to the SES team. She was a principal for the firm of R.K. Schaaf Associates from 1995 to 2014, when the company was acquired by SES. She has been actively involved in the retirement benefits industry since 1985 and speaks frequently on ESOPs and third-party administration issues at conferences and to employee-owners at client locations. Wendy has a BA in business administration and is highly regarded as an expert in ESOP administration.