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Equity State of Confusion

The basics of acronyms, tax rules, differences, benefits to employee and more.

From Our Equity Compensation Webinar Series

Each one-hour Webinar features an experienced authority in the field and discusses a requested topic.

This replay was recorded on January 22, 2014.

About This Meeting

This presentation will bring clarity to common complications and conflicts in equity compensation, including the basics of acronyms, tax rules, differences between core practice rules and regulations, benefits to employee and more.

Learning Objectives:

This Webinar has already taken place. It is available as a free replay in the members-only area of this site.


Equity State of Confusion
Marianne Snook,Stock & Options Solutions, Inc. and Dan Walter, Performensation


Marianne Snook

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Stock & Option Solutions

Marianne Snook, CEP, is the Chief Executive Officer at Stock & Option Solutions, Inc. (SOS). Marianne has over 25 years in equity plan management, with experience that extends from in-house administrator to director of a large-scale administration outsource service provider. Marianne was a key member of the original panel that set the CEP curriculum and defined what it means to have a CEP designation. As CEO, Marianne sets the overall strategy for the effective growth of SOS by focusing on guaranteed customer service, strong external relationships, and continuous employee involvement and education. Marianne speaks on local and national levels on various facets of stock program administration. She is also an active member of the NASPP and the NCEO.

Dan Walter

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Dan is the president and CEO of Performensation. Dan has assisted companies for more than 20 years with both executive and broad-based compensation programs. Dan's expertise includes equity compensation, executive programs, performance-based pay and talent management issues. His experience with these programs includes: diagnosis, design, communication, administration and reporting. Dan's career has also included creating software solutions, administrative and technological best practices for these programs. Dan does dozens of presentations a year, combining humor and technical expertise into accessible and practical information.