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Performance Equity for Private Companies

From Our Equity Compensation Webinar Series

Each one-hour Webinar features an experienced authority in the field and discusses a requested topic.

This replay was recorded on March 19, 2014.

About This Meeting

This presentation will discuss pros, cons and best practices of issuing performanced-based equity compensation awards.

Learning Objectives:

This Webinar has already taken place. It is available as a free replay in the members-only area of this site.


Performance Equity for Private Companies
Dan Walter, Performensation


Dan Walter

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Dan is the president and CEO of Performensation. Dan has assisted companies for more than 20 years with both executive and broad-based compensation programs. Dan's expertise includes equity compensation, executive programs, performance-based pay and talent management issues. His experience with these programs includes: diagnosis, design, communication, administration and reporting. Dan's career has also included creating software solutions, administrative and technological best practices for these programs. Dan does dozens of presentations a year, combining humor and technical expertise into accessible and practical information.