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Sustaining Your ESOP - Part I

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This replay was recorded on April 29, 2014.

About This Meeting

As plans mature, problems can emerge. Companies may find they have limited shares to allocate to new employees, creating a have/have not problem. The business model may not adapt to future needs. Ownership cultures may become stale. Repurchase obligations may become more daunting. New leaders need to be identified as senior people leave. This webinar explores how to keep your ESOP effective and vibrant.

You will Learn:


Alexander P. Moss

presenter photologo

Praxis Consulting Group, Inc.

Alex is a co-founder and president of Praxis Consulting Group, where he advises employee-owned, nonprofit, and mission-driven corporate clients in fully engaging employees to drive organizational performance. His expertise includes ownership culture, strategy, governance, leadership, and workforce education and engagement. Alex currently serves as a board member of two ESOP firms and is the board chair of one. He is a current trustee of the Employee Ownership Foundation, and he is a former board member of both the NCEO and the ESOP Association.

Kenneth E. Serwinski

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Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Kenneth co-founded Prairie Capital Advisors with Robert Gross in 1996 after the pair of industry veterans recognized a universally underserved need for objective financial advisory consultation for closely held businesses. Since then, he has dedicated his vast experience to providing closely held companies with the guidance and expertise needed for some of their most critical business decisions. As chairman, he continues to grow Prairie's reputation as a widely respected firm of its kind, designing, structuring, and implementing customized ownership transition strategies, including private sales, management buyouts, ESOPs, and more for businesses nationwide.