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Financing the Repurchase Obligation

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This replay was recorded on July 15, 2014.

About This Meeting

There are several ways to finance the repurchase obligation, including
"pay-as-you-go" funding, pre-funding, paying dividends/S corporation
distributions, corporate-owned life insurance, and incurring debt, i.e.,
releveraging the ESOP. The methods for handling repurchased shares, i.e.,
redeeming or recycling, will also be discussed. This webinar will cover the
mechanics as well as pros and cons of each approach.

You will learn:


Tina M. DiCroce

presenter photologo


Tina is a vice president at Chartwell, and advises ESOP company management and boards of directors on how best to manage and fund their ESOPs for long-term sustainability. She is recognized nationally as a leader in repurchase obligation forecasting and helped develop repurchase obligation models used by hundreds of ESOP companies. Tina serves on the Finance Advisory Committee of the ESOP Association and is a chapter officer for the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter of the Association. She has presented at several national and regional conferences on the topics of ESOP repurchase obligation and sustainability.

Ashleigh Newlin

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Ashleigh consults with ESOP companies, helping them forecast repurchase obligations and evaluate strategies for long-term sustainability. She brings significant experience in financial modeling and using commercially available software for repurchase obligation analysis. Clients appreciate Ashleigh's adept approach to navigating complex financial decisions and transactions. She has developed a strength for nimbly managing the many stakeholders, expectations, and tasks involved in executing complex projects. Ashleigh has a deep understanding of repurchase liability forecasting and has helped hundreds of companies across the country.