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Financing the Repurchase Obligation

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This replay was recorded on July 15, 2014.

About This Meeting

There are several ways to finance the repurchase obligation, including
"pay-as-you-go" funding, pre-funding, paying dividends/S corporation
distributions, corporate-owned life insurance, and incurring debt, i.e.,
releveraging the ESOP. The methods for handling repurchased shares, i.e.,
redeeming or recycling, will also be discussed. This webinar will cover the
mechanics as well as pros and cons of each approach.

You will learn:


Financing the Repurchase Obligation
Tina DiCroce and Ashleigh Newlin, ESOP Economics, Inc.


Tina M. DiCroce

presenter photo

ESOP Economics, Inc.

Tina is a director at ESOP Economics, Inc., a nationally recognized firm specializing in repurchase obligation studies, software, and consulting. She manages repurchase study projects and consults with ESOP companies on how best to manage and fund the repurchase obligation. In addition to project management, Tina has taken a greater role in the management of the firm and training and mentoring junior staff. She continues to be involved in marketing, business development, and supporting the firm's TelescopeŽ software.

Ashleigh Newlin

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ESOP Economics, Inc.

Ashleigh Newlin is a Director at ESOP Economics, a nationally recognized firm specializing in repurchase obligation studies, software, and consulting. She manages Telescope[tm], ESOP Economics' software for forecasting repurchase obligations. Ashleigh also works with ESOP companies to forecast their repurchase obligations and evaluate alternative strategies for managing and funding them. Ashleigh serves on the ESOP Association's Administration Advisory Committee, and on its PA/DE chapter programming committee. Ashleigh earned a BSE in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University.