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Valuation Issues for Internal Trustees

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This replay was recorded on November 18, 2014.

About This Meeting

Setting the value of ESOP shares is one of the most important responsibilities of all trustees, and trustees who are also employees of the company face some particular challenges. This Webinar covers the most important issues for trustees to consider when reviewing a valuation report, including core valuation principles, ways to document the review process, conditions under which companies should consider hiring an outside transaction trustee, and indications that you may want to find a new valuation firm.

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Tom DeSimone

presenter photologo

Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Tom is a vice president with Prairie Capital Advisors and completes financial analysis and modeling services, as well as analyzes the business dynamics and trends of publicly traded companies. In addition, he has assisted numerous middle market companies and their shareholders with mergers and acquisitions (M&A), ESOP advisory, and other investment banking transactions. Tom has worked in a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, business services and distribution. In addition, he is a frequent speaker in various forums on topics covering ownership transition planning.