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ESOPs: Preparing Your Employees for Retirement

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This replay was recorded on October 6, 2015.

About This Meeting

ESOPs are an important part of retirement planning, but most employee ownership companies offer other retirement plans as well. This webinar can help you make sure your employees are best using these plans to assure a secure retirement.

You will learn:


Nicholas J. Francia

presenter photologo

UBS- The Capital ESOP Group

Nick is a member of UBS- The Capital ESOP Group and his role includes creating tailored cash-flow models comparing a taxable sale of privately held businesses to a 1042 tax-deferred sale to an ESOP. His passion is educating business owners on tax-efficient exit strategies, empowering them to make informed decisions. Nick is committed to helping clients recognize their options, understand the pros and cons of each strategy, and choose which succession plan is best.

Loren Rodgers

presenter photologo

National Center for Employee Ownership

Loren joined the NCEO in 2005 and became its executive director in 2010. He writes extensively on employee ownership and has spoken at events around the world. Since entering the field in 1995 as a consultant, he has worked with hundreds of companies. His expertise includes ESOPs, equity compensation, best practices for employee ownership companies, research, effective communications, employee motivation, corporate governance, ESOP transactions and operations, and business literacy.