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Orientation to ESOPs: The Basics

NCEO Webinar replays are the recorded version of our live Webinars, using PowerPoint presentations viewed online. To purchase a twelve-month subscription providing unlimited access to all recorded Webinars, including this one, follow this link. (Replays are not available for individual purchase.) Please contact our Colleen Kearney at 510-208-1311 or for additional information.

About This Meeting

This session is a one-hour introduction to the basic features of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), including corporate ownership and the essentials of retirement plans. It is intended for people without prior experience with ESOPs and for those responsible for ESOP communication. The session covers the current status of ESOPs in the U.S., some highlights on their performance, and core concepts about how they function. Loren Rodgers of the NCEO uses graphics, examples, and simple explanations to provide a general introduction to the features common to all ESOPs using the NCEO's ESOP communications template, available in The ESOP Communications Sourcebook (which is available for purchase through this Web site). Note: Every ESOP is different. This session does not attempt to teach people the specifics of how any particular ESOP works.


Presentation and Discussion
Loren Rodgers, NCEO