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Effective ESOP Administrative Committees

NCEO Webinar replays are the recorded version of our live Webinars, using PowerPoint presentations viewed online. To purchase a twelve-month subscription providing unlimited access to all recorded Webinars, including this one, follow this link. (Replays are not available for individual purchase.) Please contact Colleen Kearney at 510-208-1311 or for additional information.

This replay was recorded on March 21, 2017.

About This Meeting

ESOP Administrative Committees can play a variety of roles. Most commonly, they either a) are the fiduciary or b) direct the fiduciary. In both cases, they also make sure that plan administration is properly handled. This Webinar will look at who should be on it for how long? What kinds of information should they gather? How should they communicate with employees? If they are directing a trustee, how can they make that interaction most useful? What are some examples of don;t do that's administrative committees have stubbed their toes on? This session provides a checklist for the duties for these approaches and looks at the fiduciary duties they need to understand.

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Michael Coffey
Corporate Capital Resources LLC


Michael Coffey

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Corporate Capital Resources, LLC

Michael is the president of Corporate Capital Resources and leads the consulting team designing and quarterbacking stock transactions, business succession, and executive compensation strategies for closely held corporations. He received his graduate and undergraduate training at the University of Virginia. After leaving his position with the CIA in the 1980s, he has been an active consultant, author, and speaker in the ESOP community for 30 years.