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Equity Compensation for Privately Held Companies

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This replay was recorded on April 18, 2017.

About This Meeting

This Webinar looks at the forms of equity compensation available for closely held companies, including stock options, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, restricted stock, and restricted stock units. We will also explore how to decide how much equity to share, how to decide how much to provide to different employees, who should be eligible for equity awards, and what rules make sense, and who should get equity with what rules.

Your will learn:


Equity Compensation for Privately Held Companies
Dan Walter, Performensation


Dan Walter

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Dan is the president and CEO of Performensation. Dan has assisted companies for more than 20 years with both executive and broad-based compensation programs. Dan's expertise includes equity compensation, executive programs, performance-based pay and talent management issues. His experience with these programs includes: diagnosis, design, communication, administration and reporting. Dan's career has also included creating software solutions, administrative and technological best practices for these programs. Dan does dozens of presentations a year, combining humor and technical expertise into accessible and practical information.