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Executive Compensation in ESOP Companies

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This replay was recorded on December 12, 2017.

About This Meeting

Providing the right executive compensation is a tricky issue for any company, but it can be especially challenging for an ESOP company. Fiduciary rules require the ESOP trustee to make sure that executive pay is reasonable. S ESOP corporation rules require special care be paid to the form in which executives receive equity compensation and how much they get. Corporate philosophies about compensation may emphasize a flatter pay and rewards scale than in similar conventional companies. These and other issues make this Webinar especially timely. Learn from the experts what works, what doesn't, what other people do, and what the laws require.

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Matt Keene
Matt Keene


Matthew G. Keene

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Matt leads Chartwell's executive compensation consulting practice. For 24 years, he has worked with companies to obtain relevant pay data and achieve goals for compensation programs, with a special focus on ESOP companies and equity-based incentives. Matt has held various leadership positions within the ESOP Association and the NCEO, and participates in the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals. Matt is a frequent speaker and writer on the national level on topics relating to executive compensation, ownership transition, and qualified and nonqualified plan operational issues.