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MBE and W Status in ESOPs

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This replay was recorded on December 19, 2017.


Lian Gravelle
ESOP Plus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP


Lian Gravelle

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ESOP Plus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP

Lian joined ESOP PlusŪ in January 2014 with six years of ESOP trustee and administrative experience. Lian's ESOP PlusŪ practice is focused on implementing ESOP transactions and maintaining compliance with federal regulations governing ESOPs. Lian has extensive experience with many facets of ESOPs including initial plan design and amendments, transactions, fiduciary duties, and IRS and Department of Labor audits. Lian is a cum laude graduate of Syracuse University and Valparaiso University Law School. She is admitted to the bar of Indiana and New York.