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Hiring/Evaluating Leaders for an ESOP (or Avoiding Mis-Hires) 

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This replay was recorded on March 7, 2017.

About This Meeting

Executives who will work well in an ESOP environment have a different profile from non-ESOP leaders. Therefore, when hiring for leadership roles, ESOPs must create a different set of criteria by which to evaluate; the standard models do not apply.

This webinar will outline this profile as well as give practical tips on how to interview/evaluate candidates when hiring or promoting a leader.


Mike Frommelt

presenter photologo

Keystone Search

Mike is principal and co-founder of KeyStone Search, a retained executive search firm serving clients throughout the United States. Mike has more than 25 years of executive search experience, and has led numerous ESOP companies through leadership transitions, including multiple CEO succession projects. He is an active member of the NCEO and the ESOP Association and is a frequent speaker on the topic of leadership succession, hiring to culture and executive hiring for privately held companies.