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Customer-Centric Open-Bookİ: Driving Results With Your Customers 

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This replay was recorded on May 16, 2017.

About This Meeting

This webinar will explain how to improve revenue and profitability through the combination of customer centricity and open-book management using case examples. The two concepts complement one another, as the economics come alive by understanding what customer really value, then focusing your company on profitably delivering that value, driving profitably growth, increasing the value of your ESOP company.


Customer-Centric Open-Bookİ: Driving Results With Your Customers 
Bill Fotsch, Open-Book Coaching


Bill Fotsch

presenter photologo

Open-Book Coaching

Bill has worked with more than 400 companies, from small- and medium-sized
privately held companies to large companies like Southwest Airlines and BHP
Billiton, helping them improve their financial results and the lives of
their employees who drive those results by applying Customer-Centric
Open-Bookİ principles. His compensation is tied to client results. He has
also invested in several coaching clients. Earlier in his career he worked
for Briggs & Stratton, Bain, Tenneco, and Litton Industries. His company
motto is: do good, have fun, make money/leaving the world better than we found it.