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Communicating Financials and Valuation to Your Participants

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This replay was recorded on May 30, 2017.

About This Meeting

Research consistently shows that ESOP companies outperform the competition, but only when the incentive and reward of the ESOP is communicated clearly and employee owners can see and act on opportunities to drive improved company performance. This session will provide different ideas on how to effectively communicate financial information; what to share, how, and what ongoing support is needed. Several methods from different companies are provided so you can identify what may be best for your firm.

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Communicating Financials and Valuation to Your Participants
Craig Olinger, ESI


Craig Olinger

presenter photologo

Enterprise Services, Inc.

Craig is a managing partner at ESI, a firm focused on providing valuation and consulting services with a specific concentration on ESOPs. Since joining ESI in 20007, he has completed hundreds of assignments for existing and prospective ESOPs, equity transactions, fairness opinions, and synthetic compensation analysis. In addition, he consults on corporate governance and acquisitions, and oversees ESI's business development and strategic planning.