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How to Engage Employees Through a Culture of Ownership

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This replay was recorded on June 20, 2017.

About This Meeting

Employees are no longer satisfied by being cogs in the wheel. Instead, they want to feel like they have a stake in the success of their company and make a difference in their customers' lives. Join Great Game of Business Coach and VP Steve Baker and Emplify's co-founder Adam Weber to learn about creating an engaged culture of owner-minded employees.

Giving your employees trust and opportunities to improve processes make them more aligned with the company mission and willing to go the extra mile. In this webinar, you'll get best practices and learnings to help accomplish this like:


How to Engage Employees Through a Culture of Ownership
Steve Baker, Great Game of Business and Adam Weber, Emplify


Steve Baker

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The Great Game of Business

Steve is the vice president of The Great Game of Business, Inc., a division of SRC Holdings Corporation. Known for his high-energy and engaging message, he has become a top-rated and sought after speaker, author, and coach on topics of open-book management, strategy and execution, leadership, and employee engagement. Steve co-authored the update of the #1 bestseller, The Great Game of Business—20th Anniversary Edition.

Adam Weber

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Adam is a cofounder at Emplify where he leads a team of engagement experts focusing on new business growth. Previously, he served as cofounder and VP of sales at Bluebridge Digital, which was divested in 2016 for $8 million. Adam has a master's degree in organizational communication from Ball State University, is a former musician, retired pastor, and aspiring comedian, and currently lives in Indiana with his wife and two sons.