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Research and Communication Tools You Can Actually Use

NCEO Webinar replays are the recorded version of our live Webinars, using PowerPoint presentations viewed online. To purchase a twelve-month subscription providing unlimited access to all recorded Webinars, including this one, follow this link. If you have a current subscription to the replays, log in here. (Replays are not available for individual purchase). Please contact Andrea Johnson at 510-208-1309 or for additional information.

This replay was recorded on September 25, 2018.


Dallan Guzinski

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National Center for Employee Ownership

Dallan is the director of culture and engagement at the NCEO in Oakland, CA. As a step toward leveraging the significant benefits that employee ownership offers, Dallan works closely with employee-owned companies to improve their communication and engagement practices by gathering and responding to employee feedback using the NCEO's Ownership Culture Surveys. Dallan is an avid speaker at both public and private company events on topics such as corporate (ownership) culture, employee engagement and involvement, communication, employee surveys, and effective leadership and team behaviors for driving innovation and better workplaces.

Nathan Nicholson

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National Center for Employee Ownership

As research associate, Nathan Nicholson assists in managing the NCEO's research and survey projects, as well as its internal company and member data. A recent Bay Area transplant from upstate New York by way of D.C., Nathan has a professional background in public policy analysis, nonprofit administration, and legal research. Before joining the NCEO, he worked at FairVote, a D.C.-area nonprofit dedicated to election policy reform. He received his BA in Linguistics from Cornell University in 2012.