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Think Like an Owner

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This replay was recorded on April 30, 2019.

About This Meeting

Leaders often ask what it takes to get more employees "thinking like an owner." The truth is, It takes more than just an ESOP. One challenge to engaging all employees as owners are the often invisible divides based on class and profession in our organizations: office and field, shop floor and customer service, sales and warehouse.

Participants in this webinar will learn how one employee-owned firm, Brinkman Construction Inc. of Colorado, is bridging these divides through training in business literacy, interpersonal skills and continuous improvement strategies


Matt Hancock

presenter photologo

Praxis Consulting Group

Matt, a consultant at Praxis Consulting Group, began his career studying worker-owned cooperatives in Bologna, Italy. In Bologna, he also earned an MBA in cooperative economics and worked at the Institute for Labor, helping small- and medium-size manufacturers, labor unions, and stakeholders enhance business performance through employee involvement. At Praxis, Matt helps clients develop stronger ownership cultures through communications, leadership development, training in continuous improvement, and developing and sustaining labor-management partnerships.

Sasha Sulkosky

presenter photo

Brinkman Construction, Inc.

Sasha serves as the accounting manager for commercial contractor Brinkman Construction, headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2017, she was nominated by her peers to become the chair of the ownership communication committee due to her passion for igniting an ownership culture. Sasha is unique in that she's an accounting professional with a passion for financial literacy but she prioritizes company culture as the most crucial element to operational success. She empowers all employees to be accountable for the success of the company through excellence in their individual positions.