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What Our Members Say About Us

We have thousands of members and a high membership renewal rate for a simple reason: we are the leading authority in employee ownership, and we consistently strive to provide the most reliable and complete information available at the most affordable price possible. Here is what a few of our members have to say about us:
"We are just getting started in our ESOP education, and NCEO provides one-stop shopping for anything you need to learn about ESOPs and more."
—Fred Roy, Web Industries
"I want to thank the NCEO for providing me with my early ESOP education. The base knowledge I obtained from NCEO seminars helped me to identify areas needing improvement in our ESOP and eventually take it from 33% ownership to 100% ownership. A NCEO seminar also introduced me to the person who became our independent institutional trustee. Our company could not have become what it is now without these key pieces of the puzzle coming from the NCEO."
—Jeff Schmehr, CFO, Hinderliter, de Llamas & Associates
"The NCEO publishes some of the highest-quality, most user-friendly materials in the consulting business. I cannot recall any organization with such consistent quality, accuracy, and value to users."
—Bob Buford, Robert D. Buford Executive Compensation Consulting LLC
"We've been a member since establishing our ESOP in 1985, and every year we learn something new about plan regulations, executive compensation, employee motivation, governance, and many other key topics. The NCEO has been an indispensable resource."
—Cecil Ursprung, CEO (retired), Reflexite Corporation
"We have used several NCEO publications, and found them to be thorough, valuable reference tools. Having visited the Center personally, I've also been able to see first-hand what a knowledgeable, dedicated group of individuals the NCEO has put together. I know of no other institution like it."
—David Rothenberg, Nolo Press
"NCEO is a valuable resource for all matters related to employee ownership."
—David Hein, Chairman & CEO Emeritus, The Chilcote Company
"We have just celebrated our 25th year as an ESOP. The NCEO has been the guidepost for education, support, and overall success."
—Bill Marshall, CEO (retired), Phelps County Bank
"When we closed our ESOP, I did not feel I was prepared to lead the company through the changes it required. With the help of the NCEO and its literature, we have made huge improvements, and people are very excited about our plan."
—Eric French, President, Internal Data Resources
"I send to you a HUGE THANK YOU for your help with my question! What a great answer."
—Joanne Norgart, TW Telecom