About the Webinar

Our presenter will describe the essential features of how ESOPs work, with a focus on how those features come into play during feasibility assessment and plan design. Attendees will hear examples from specific transaction highlighting some of the decision points, as well as the non-financial issues that often determine whether an ESOP is a success or failure in the long-run.

You will learn:

  • How to weigh the financial costs and benefits of an ESOP, including a comparison to alternative paths.
  • The non-financial factors that may determine whether an ESOP is a good idea for their company, such as legal issues, shareholder goals, and company culture.

Tim joined Prairie Capital Advisors in 2016 and is a shareholder in the firm. He is responsible for business development and growth initiatives and focuses on advising business owners about ownership transition alternatives including employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), among others. Services include adequate consideration analyses, feasibility studies, transaction financing, and restructuring, fairness and solvency opinions, post-transaction cash flow analyses, and annual valuations.

Tyler Stoner, a senior analyst at Prairie Capital Advisors, completes financial analysis and modeling services, as well as analyzes the business dynamics and trends of publicly traded companies. In addition, he performs merger and acquisition (M&A) research and prepares narrative reports in support of a wide variety of valuation projects, including Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), leveraged buyouts (LBO), management buyouts (MBO) and other capital structuring projects for clients nationwide.