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For many people, the best way to use our resources is to browse or search our site for the many articles, publications, Webinars, meetings, and other resources here. The materials under "A General Guide..." below introduce you to our main activities. However, there are many specialized topics for which only a few pages are relevant, like equity compensation for LLCs. To help you find that needle in a haystack, we have combined a sitewide search with links to frequently requested pages below.

Find Your Resource

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A General Guide to NCEO Resources and Where to Find Them

ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans)

Equity Compensation

Directories, ESOP Maps, Videos, and More, and Economic Benefit Data

Find a Service Provider or Lender

Service Provider Directory Find professionals from attorneys to trustees in our Service Provider Directory. Also see our ESOP Lender Directory in the members area (username and password required).

ESOP Maps of the U.S. and More

Our Visual Guide to Employee Ownership companion site features interactive maps of ESOP companies, infographics you can use, videos, and more.

How Ownership Helps Workers

Employee Ownership and Economic Well-Being

See our website Employee Ownership and Economic Well-Being for our report on how employee ownership affects the lives of plan participants.

A Selective Guide to Specialized Resources


Acquisitions: Acquisition Strategies for ESOP Companies and Responding to Acquisition Offers in ESOP Companies.

Boards: The ESOP Company Board Handbook and Board Member Training Package. For director compensation and other issues, see our corporate governance survey.

ESOP committees, communications, and culture: various publications, Webinars, and in-person meetings.

Freezing or terminating a plan: Our publication Terminating an ESOP: Valuation and Fiduciary Issues; Freezing or Terminating an ESOP on this site; in the Employee Ownership Report (username and password required), see p. 5 in the May-June 2009 issue and and p. 7 in the September-October 2010 issue.

Model plan: Our Model ESOP book/CD.

KSOPs (combined 401(k)-ESOPs): Best Practices for ESOP/401(k) Combinations.

Repurchase obligation: The ESOP Repurchase Obligation Handbook; Webinars and in-person meetings; archived columns; various mentions in many places.

Accounting: The accounting chapter in Leveraged ESOPs and Employee Buyouts and our webinars on accounting in our ESOP Webinar Replays.

Company lists: For comprehensive list collections, see our Database of All ESOPs and other lists. For the 100 largest employee-owned companies, see our Employee Ownership 100.

Equity Compensation

ESPPs: The ESPP part of GPS 2018 4-in-1 Volume; the ESPP chapter in Selected Issues in Equity Compensation; parts of Accounting for Equity Compensation, The Stock Options Book, The Decision-Maker's Guide to Equity Compensation, and the members-only ESPP Webinar replay (username and password required).

In an ESOP company context: See Executive Compensation in ESOP Companies and our ESOP Executive Compensation Survey Report.

Limited liability companies (LLCs): Equity Compensation for Limited Liability Companies, the short article on this site, and our prerecorded Webinar on Equity Compensation in LLCs.

Performance awards: The chapter and sample plan in Equity Alternatives and the performance award part of the GPS 2018 4-in-1 Volume.

Restricted stock, phantom stock, SARs: The article Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), the chapters and sample plans in Equity Alternatives; and the restricted stock and units part of the GPS 2018 4-in-1 Volume.

Accounting: The books Accounting for Equity Compensation and Advanced Topics in Equity Compensation Accounting.

Global equity plans: The global equity part of the GPS 2018 4-in-1 Volume.

Company lists and equity compensation surveys: See our surveys and research page for surveys of equity and executive compensation.

Plan Participants

ESOPs: general information: Articles on distribution rules and rights; the publication The Participant's Guide to ESOP Distributions.

ESOPs: who to contact for questions or help: As noted at the bottom of our participant rights article, the U.S. Department of Labor maintains a toll-free hotline for plan participants and beneficiaries who have questions or problems: call 1.866.444.3272, or alternatively go to

Equity compensation: The sites on our links page.

Academics and Other Researchers

Articles: See our articles, especially the research section at the bottom.

Research results and datasets: See our survey and research page. See generally our article NCEO Data Sources on Employee Ownership.

How many ESOPs and participants there are, etc.: See our Statistical Profile of Employee Ownership and ESOPs by the Numbers.

The Media

Start at our Press Center for suggested articles, website resources, and contact information.