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CEP (Certified Equity Professional) Student Texts

This page shows the texts we publish that are assigned by the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) in its certification program. CEP students can order these below at discounted prices usually reserved for NCEO members. To get these discounted prices on NCEO books, simply use the add-to-cart buttons on this page (either the individual buttons or the large buttons immediately below for adding multiple books at once. The shopping cart will display the discounted price and note that a discount has been applied. Note that you cannot bring digital books of any kind into the CEP exams.

We do not publish or sell Consider Your Options; you can buy that on Amazon (see the CEPI for the required edition).

Note for 2019 students: The 2019 editions of the books we publish that the CEPI assigns will be available in early spring (perhaps around the beginning of March).