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Submit Your Entry for the Retired ESOP Company Executive Directory

The Retired ESOP Company Executive Directory is a public list of retired executives from ESOP companies who are willing to share their experience and expertise, which may include working on a pro bono basis with ESOP companies considering or using an ESOP; participating in outreach programs to the press, trade associations, policy makers, and the public; and/or serving on ESOP company boards.

To list yourself in the Directory, fill out the form below, providing your contact information, a brief description, and the category or categories in which you can help. After you submit your entry, a confirmation email with the information you supplied will be sent to the address you enter below. Your information will appear in the Directory after an NCEO staffer reviews and approves your entry.

(1) Complete the contact information below (the company name is optional).

First name
Last name
Company (optional)
The confirmation email with a copy of your entry will be sent to the address you enter above.

(2) Enter a one-paragraph description of your experience and interests, including your ESOP company background (maximum 1,000 characters).

This should be a simple, straightforward introduction to yourself. Do not use line breaks; they will be ignored.

(3) Choose one or more categories in which you are willing to serve.

Board Membership
Serving on ESOP company boards (on a compensated basis).
Mentoring Companies with or Considering ESOPs
Working on a pro bono basis to help other ESOP company executives develop or improve employee ownership programs.
Representing ESOPs to Government and the Media
Working with the NCEO on a pro bono basis to speak at meetings, write articles for newspapers and trade publications, and promote ESOP outreach programs to state and local officials.
Strategic and Human Resource Advice
Providing non-ESOP-specific advice on a pro bono basis concerning business strategy and/or human resource management.
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