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Pre-Publication Order Information for An Introduction to ESOPs, 18th Ed.

Deadline: August 31 (books will ship in early October)

Ever since it was released in 1995, An Introduction to ESOPs has been our most popular publication. It explains the rules, uses, benefits, and other aspects of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). Service providers often buy it in quantity to give to contacts who may be considering an ESOP, decision-makers at ESOP companies, board members, etc. Companies buy them and give them to ESOP committees, managers, board members, or even every employee. We periodically give our members the opportunity to order it in bulk, often with a customized cover, before we go to press. We are doing that now for the 18th edition (pictured at above right), which will go to press at the end of August. Only NCEO members can preorder this; if you want to do so but aren't a member, then join first.

Pre-Publication Offer

If you order by Friday, August 31, you can preorder the 18th edition as follows:

For details on the 18th edition and on customizing your cover, see below.

How to order

Contact Scott Rodrick at or 510-208-1315 by August 31 (but preferably at least a week before then to work out details of your order).

Need fewer than 100, or need some immediately?

You can always order any quantity (subject to our $10 minimum order rule) of the current edition without a customized cover. Just order from our Web site or call us at 510-208-1300.

About the 18th Edition

An Introduction to ESOPs has evolved over the years from a stapled booklet to a short perfect-bound book with an index. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and 60 pages long. The 18th edition updates the existing material as of 2018 and adds information on matters such as the impact of recent tax law changes and the rights of ESOP participants.

Excerpts from the 18th Edition

For a PDF of the entire cover, click here.

For a PDF of the table of contents and the first page of several chapters, click here.

Customizing Your Cover

Please note: We must go through the entire process of obtaining your logo, producing a PDF of a proposed cover, and obtaining your approval before the order deadline of August 31, so if you want a custom cover, please contact us as soon as possible.

You have the option of having your name, logo, etc., printed in the empty white space on the front cover. Your information (text and/or logo) will appear under the heading Compliments of. The cover is printed in full color (CMYK), so your information can be in full color. If you retain the photo of the crowd of employees, the maximum area your information can take up is about 1.25 inches high by 4.7 inches wide. If you choose to occupy the entire bottom of the cover by removing the photo of the crowd of employees, the maximum area increases to about 3 inches high by 4.7 inches wide.

If you want your logo printed on the cover, you must provide the logo (1) as a separate file (not placed in a Word document or pasted into an email, for example) and (2) in high resolution, suitable for printing (not a logo taken from your Web site, for example, or any JPEG or GIF file). Preferably, it will be a CMYK AI (Illustrator) or EPS file, (or a CMYK TIFF in certain situations). If a designer is creating or saving such a file for this purpose, tell them that we use Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6, and it would be nice to get it in a format we can open with those programs. Any AI or EPS file must have all text converted to curves/outlines.

If you get a customized cover, we will email you a PDF of how it looks, and we will not go to press until you are satisfied with the cover and have emailed your approval.

Custom cover quantities may vary slightly: The printing plant will print a few extra books because some may get chewed up as they go through the printing and binding process, so if you order, e.g., 300 cutomized books, then a few less (e.g., 297) or more (e.g., 303) may actually get through the printing process and be sent to you. I will bill you for whatever the exact quantity is.