Employee Ownership Conference

Denver, CO :: April 4–6, 2017 (preconference on April 3)

To register, fill out the form below, click/press the Continue button at the bottom, and then complete your payment arrangements on the next page. Alternatively, you can call us at 510-208-1300 to register.

2017 Registration Fees

Conference (April 4–6)

 NCEO MembersNonmembers
First registrant$645$745
Second registrant$595$695
Additional registrants$555$695

The academic rate is only for full-time college students and professors (with current photo ID) with no business interest in employee ownership.

Preconference Sessions (April 3)

 NCEO MembersNonmembers
All registrants$170$220

Guest Registration

Guest for Tuesday, April 4, Opening Talk and LuncheonGuest for Tuesday, April 4, Opening Reception Guest for Wednesday, April 5, Expert Roundtable Luncheon
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